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Easter photo shoot Knoxville, TN


If you are reading this now, you have procrastinated and Easter is almost here! Not to worry! I can still take your Knoxville Easter Photos! Just make sure you call me today! 865-408-8747

Baby it’s cold outside, but it’s not too early to start dreaming and planning for warm spring days. Easter will be here in 3 months and we all know how quickly time goes by! Start planning now for your Spring and Easter photo shoot before those days get booked. I hope that you will bring your pets too, they like to get in on the fun too! I just love spring afternoons spent in the grass and flowers, soaking up the sunshine. It’s so beautiful here in Knoxville during spring and I love to bring it to life in photos so that beauty will last forever. Just think sunshine, tulips, daffodils, and Easter egg hunts and that freezing feeling will slip away leaving you warm and content.  See you soon! 

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Believe it or Not Fall and Christmas are almost here!!

I know its still hot outside, but those turning leaves and Christmas trees are right around the corner. Have you started planning for gifts for your families? Pictures make perfect gifts, and its never too early to get your name on the books before they fill up. Why not have pictures made on a beautiful crisp fall day, instead of stuffing your family inside of a cramped, over-filled portrait studio? The kids can play and be themselves.  This makes better pictures and a happier family. Book today!

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Family Photos are Important!

Life is so busy. Day in and day out we are on the move. Before you know it your children are grown and moving on with lives of their own. I want you to stop and ask yourself, when is the last time the family got together for a portrait? When your first child was born? How many children do have now? How many pictures do you have of your last child in comparison with your first? When life gets so busy, we simply forget the little things that can mean so much. Portraits can be taken anywhere. In fact they can turn out a lot better in a location that you are comfortable with. Like your own living room or your favorite park or even a family farm. Knoxville and the surrounding areas are simply beautiful. There is a plethora of wonderful choices for the perfect family portraits. Does your family like to ride bikes, or go to the zoo. Choose these places or activities and your favorite clothes to wear. Your smiles will be wider and you will love the results of the pictures. The stiff suit and dress nonmoving “plastic” portraits have their place in your church directory. What is your everyday life like? You want to look back and remember the fun times shared with your family and not that “Sally” and “Billy” had tantrums while you tried to shove them into uncomfortable clothes and make them wait for 2 hours at a studio and forcing them to smile. Does this sound good to you? If it doesn’t, then it’s not going to be good for your children either. What about your pets? Outdoor or home photography would be the perfect fit to make sure that they are not left out Remember photos are a reflection of your family, and with your children growing so quickly take an hour or two and make sure that you’re recording the happy times in your lives.

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